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Despite the kind or class of racing you are considering getting in, you’ll have to check out acquiring a variety of standard (as well as in some cases, advanced) motor racing safety and security products. Some items are optional however oftentimes – such as with motor racing safety helmets, or fire evidence race matches – it is typically an instance of having one and race, or do not have one, as well as do not race.

Of course, you’ll consult the guidelines and laws of your private racing series, however, the following overview should give you some concept regarding each of the much more typical kinds of racing security products.

Racing Match

Mostly all motorsport in the UK will certainly call for making use of an FIA/ MSA approved racing fit. In all but the rarest of cases, this suit will certainly need to be made from a flame-resistant product such as Nomex. Suppliers such as Sabelt create racing suits for all kind of budgets – expect to pay around one hundred pounds as much as several thousand, depending on your race collection’ guidelines.


HANS represents Head and also Neck Support, a shoulder-mounted framework which is connected on top of your racing helmet. The HANS assists safeguard your neck in the event of an accident by maintaining your top chest in accordance with your head in all times – preventing whiplash and the various other usual neck injuries which are regularly caused by motor racing occurrences. Although the price of lots of HANS tools may show up prohibiting, constantly bear in mind that – as in numerous points – you obtain what you spend for. HANS devices are an expert racing security product and also are successfully a vital enhancement to your motor racing safety arsenal – particularly in the higher echelons of the sporting activity.

In-Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Lots of racing collection define the setup of specially-designed in-car racing fire extinguishers, such as those produced by Sabelt. These fire extinguishers vary from normal residential or commercial-application fire extinguishers as they are particularly created to be used in shut environments (cars and truck cabins, for example) as opposed to al fresco, and/or whilst the automobile is moving. They are also designed to control and also put out all sorts of fire. For instance, fires which have actually been caused by gasoline or an electric mistake would certainly, in various other situations, call for using multiple (various) fire extinguishers. Motor racing-specific fire extinguishers can take on both of these sorts of fire.